Please use the link below to access the database that contains the genealogies that I have been working on for almost two decades.  There are two databases for you to search through.  They are:

Boelens Family Tree – The most accurate of the two databases, containing over 14,000 individuals.  Where possible, any supporting information was included in the individual’s notes – this may include block copies of webpages, web links, and vital record summaries.

Total – The largest of the two database.  The basic information is correct for the most part, but the supporting information is scrambled a bit due to a corruption in my original files.  This DB contains over 56,0000 individuals.

If you have a question regarding the accuracy of a particular piece of information, or have information to add or correct, please contact me.  My goal is be as accurate and up to date as is possible, and with your help that goal can be realized.  (The link will open in a new tab/window)