Research Links

In my travels across the internet doing genealogical research, I have come across a large number of sites that have contained either vital data or published research, and have also been assisted by a large group of hobbyist and professional genealogists.  Sometimes data comes easy, other times not so much.  I have been fortunate that most of my research is based in the Netherlands as they have readily accessible archival data and scans of the original documents.  Below are is a list of websites that I frequently use to do my research.  Hopefully, it will help you along as well.  If you know of a site that contains vital records that I did not list, please make me aware of it and I will include it.

Website Region Type
 AlleGroninger  Netherlands  Vital records for Groningen
 Genealogy yn Fryslân/Genealogie in Friesland  Netherlands  General Information and Friesian genealogy links
 GeneaKnowHow  Netherlands  Resource of genealogical links for the Netherlands
 Fryslân Town Name  Netherlands  Friesian to Dutch town names  Netherlands  Dutch military records
 Google Translate  General  Online language translation
 AlleFriezen  Netherlands  Vital records for Friesland
 AmericanAncestors  USA  New England Genealogical Society website
 Regional Archief Alkmaar  Netherlands  Vital records for the Alkmaar region
 Archives of Canada  Canada  Canadian Vital records
 Library and Archives Canada  Canada  Canadian record archive and library
 Atlas 1868  Netherlands  Antique maps of the Netherlands and its provinces
 Begraafplaatsonline  Netherlands Searchable Dutch cemetery database
 Castle Garden  USA  American Immigrant database
 English to Friesian Dictionary  General  Online translation from English to Friesian
 Dutch Cemeteries  Netherlands  Dutch cemetery database
 Ellis Island  USA  American Immigrant database
 Erelisjt van Gevallenen 1940 – 1945  Netherlands  A list of concentration camp victims
 Stitching Erfskip Terpdoarpen  Netherlands  Genealogy and local history of the gemeente Ferwerderadeel
 Family History  USA  A collection of vital records and genealogical links
 Family Search  World  The site of the Mormons genealogy collection
 Find A Grave  USA  Searchable database of American cemeteries  Netherlands  Dutch cemetery database
 Tresoar  Netherlands  Historical and Genealogical website for Friesland  USA  Online obituaries
WieWasWie Netherlands Dutch vital records for all provinces Netherlands B&W scans of Dutch vital records
Digitale Stamboom Den Haag Netherlands Dutch vital records for Den Haag

In addition,

Website Region Type
NYC Genealogy USA Research resource